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Over the years convincing others of the benefits of organic SEO has become easy. Today many have realized that organic search is perhaps the best and most cost effective option and is far better than traditional marketing. Organic SEO gives better ROI, has better targeting potential, and is very easy to measure.

Having said this there still remain a few old school types that still need convincing. Whether you are trying to convince a client or are dealing with an in-house team that is frustrated with not generating sufficient leads, taking a look at Google Analytics data will do the trick and have the desired impact.

Google analytics has made tremendous progress over the last year in site reporting. They have added multi-channel attribution data to its site reporting which have made things clearer. Apart from this they also maintain historical data that can be used to convince the skeptical. Today analytical progression with the help of additional data on referred visits can easily demonstrate how conversions positively impact a site. However, there are a few questions that will be thrown at you as you go about convincing the skeptics about organic SEO.

Why is organic search so important?

It is observed that lion’s share of the traffic (almost 86%) to a website comes from organic search. The only time this does not happen is when you have a brand that is well established and drives traffic through various channels. Another time when organic search plays second fiddle is when you have other campaigns such as on social media that drive tons of traffic to your website. And last but not the least when you have tons of cash to pay for paid search.

Leads from direct traffic are more compared to organic search!

It has been proved that initial visits via organic search ultimately led to direct channel conversions.

Our brand is big and that is why organic search conversions are high!

It is a fact that branded search has a higher conversion rate. But this is because visitors came looking for you. However, to know the effectiveness of non-branded organic search all you have to do is look at Google analytics and you will see that conversions were better with organic search in conjunction with direct channels.

Therefore it is safe to conclude that customized channels are helped by organic search for both non-branded and branded keywords and hence the case for organic SEO.

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