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Google Display Network or GDN offers a wonderful chance to achieve excellent results provided you have planned your campaign in great detail. A huge stock of impressions along with a badly planned and executed campaign could result in reduced ROI and increased spends.You need to develop a proper GDN plan backed by a solid campaign structure to get the best out your campaign. You need to ensure that your ads are targeted to specific and relevant audiences that bear the best potential of improving CTR as well as conversion rates. You must maintain a tight rein over ad distribution as well as maintain an ideal inventory. You must also remember to optimize your campaign after close tracking of your GDN campaign on a continual basis.

There are several targeting options available for your Google Display Network campaign. These include placement targeting, keyword (contextual) targeting, topic targeting, category targeting, and remarketing. You can also choose from different ad types based on your target market, your business model, and your budget. These include text ads, image ads, video adds, mobile ads, and app ads that can be marketed through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

You can certainly boost product visibility and boost brand awareness by using video ads. On the other hand, image ads can deliver higher CTR while text ads have shown the best potential for boosting conversion rates. Your GDN campaign plan must include all targeting options while utilizing all possible ad types, if possible. However, you also need to give priority to specific targeting methods. Based on common performance of conversion rates, you can prioritize as follows; Interest Category, Topic, Placement, Keyword (Contextual), and Remarketing.

You need to try out different targeting methods, especially if you depend upon Google Display Network for your Search Engine Marketing strategy. You will be able to balance out results by using different targeting methods. The above planning tips should help you manage a tight and profitable GDN campaign.


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