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Monitoring and testing PPC landing pages is one exercise that should be conducted regularly to ensure a smoother landing by interested visitors. Given below are important landing page tests that can provide a fantastic user experience and a healthy PPC campaign.

You can begin by testing several page elements on your PPC landing page and removing ones that may only end up distracting or confusing your visitors. A clean page with less clutter will encourage visitors to stay on and explore further.

You should try removing features that do not add any value to the main conversion goal of your landing page. Removing newsletter signing options, navigation over a page, other content links, etc., will enable visitors to focus on your core message. Furthermore, reducing content by way of displaying them in bullet form will enable visitors to quickly locate what they wish to read.

You should also reduce the number of options you offer to visitors in order to help them make a quick and painless decision. You can utilize product badging that highlights an option that you feel is most suitable for most visitors. This move will enable visitors to make up their minds quickly without getting bombarded by too many confusing options. You can use product badging options such as Best Seller, New Arrival, Top Seller, Hot Pick, or any other that is short and eye-catching enough to result in a successful conversion.

You should most certainly utilize credibility indicators on your landing pages. These include reviews, awards, testimonials as well as social media data such as tweets, likes, etc., to create a favorable impression at first sight. Seller ratings that are collected from Bizrate or other sites can also be displayed to good effect.

Testimonials that can impress incoming visitors should be highlighted and be placed above others that can continue downwards. If you are selling items of a personal or edible nature in retail then testimonials do form an important ingredient in the decision-making process.

The content that you display should also connect with your visitors at an emotional level since most buying decisions are based on emotions. You should try changing and testing content that does best to attract visitors and encourage them to convert. Reviews and testimonials will provide the information that you need to take to improve content on your website.

You must also remember to split your aggressive sales process into baby steps since you first need to make visitors feel comfortable at your website, build up sufficient trust levels to proceed further, and then go for that conversion. You should extract visitor information slowly and build a solid communication bridge before you proceed towards the final step to close a sale.

Using Banners and Ribbons is also a good step that can improve conversion results provided you test the results at regular intervals. You must ensure that your USP is conveyed in a few short words and displayed as Banners and Ribbons on every possible web page of your site. This strategy will imprint your USP in the minds of visitors and customers, and provide a huge boost in conversions as well as enhance your brand visibility.

You should also ask random people to view your website and figure out the type of products and services that you offer. Understand as to how much time they take in learning more about your business model and brand from the landing page. Use the results to further improve your landing page so that visitors know all about your business and brand within the first few seconds of landing on your landing page.

The above tests should be conducted regularly to confirm if you are indeed in sync with the needs of your target audience. Scrutinize the results and make necessary adjustments to get the most out of your PPC campaign.

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