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With over a billion smart-mobile users browsing through nearly one and a half million Apple and Android apps, you just cannot afford to ignore this rapidly-growing market any longer. With many other app marketers entering this market with the same thought, here are a few important inbound marketing tips that should help you attract the attention of your target market.

You should begin by creating not only a unique app, but also catching the eyes of your target audience by way of compelling content and an impressive icon. Your app needs to stand out from the thousands in your specific category and one way of doing this is to provide a human touch to your app.

You can promote the positive features of your app through your own website as well as through several other channels other than the chosen app store. You need to inform viewers about how you developed the app to cater to specific needs as well as how people are using it to solve their problems. This move will help you connect to your target audience and build up trust that is so difficult to establish in the online world.

Another important tip is to go social by using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to announce and promote the features of your app. Social media sites offer an inexpensive way of passively marketing your app with excellent results that can boost your ROI in ways that you may not have imagined. Even top-brand multinational companies have discovered this cost-effective way of attracting their target markets and have delivered results that have matched their highest paid channels in terms of downloads and revenues.

Another critical inbound marketing tip is to extract positive responses and reviews from your fans. According to a survey done by Nielson Global Trust in 2011, 92 percent of people trust products when they are recommended by people they know. This means that you need to use all available channels including social media to exhort your fans to post positive reviews about your app or apps.

This will not only let others know about your app, but in addition will turn into recommendations for people that are connected to those that have posted such reviews. This pro-active move will help you reach out to your fans, create a brand name for yourself and your products, and boost downloads and revenues without spending a fortune.

The rapidly bulging mobile market offers a fantastic opportunity to promote your apps, but you also need to ensure that you receive the desired response at the least possible expense. The above inbound marketing tips will definitely help increase app awareness and ROI in the least possible time.

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