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While our earlier blog had provided important tips on landing page tests that could improve your campaign, here are a few not-so-obvious tests that will certainly reward your campaign upon implementation.

You can begin by analyzing videos and images on your landing pages. You must ensure that any still or moving images on that page face towards your displayed product or products or towards the call-to-action section on the page. Viewers that come face-to-face with a still or moving picture of someone facing them or the camera directly usually become intimidated and may bounce away quickly.

Your landing page must also be designed in a manner that does not confuse visitors. You must offer limited products or options on each page in a distinct manner such as that provided by a 2 by 3 grid format. You can add hyperlinks to ensure that visitors get additional information upon clicking on them. Such a format will prevent visitors from bouncing off or clicking on the Back button.

While you may be tempted to close a sale as soon as possible, you need to ensure that the potential customer is comfortable during the entire sale process. You can split your sales process into two screens whereby you ask for general information such as name, phone number, and email of the prospective customer on the first screen and order details on the second screen.

In this way, even if the prospective customer abandons the order during the second screen, you still have their name and email address that can be used to send emails and attract them back to your site. You can also use the information to call them up in case you have collected their phone number on the first screen.

You should also consider the placement of the privacy seal on your webpage. For instance, if you place the privacy seal prominently along a call-to-action, then that may cause apprehension amongst customers and may cause them to back off. This could lead to lower conversions. You can reduce the size of the seal and place it lower down the screen for optimum effect.

Finally, you need to consider the type of page layout that best suit your business model and displays your products in the best possible way. You may need to choose between a 2 or 3 column layout, display smaller or larger images, list or grid view, decide on providing a video on the page, and decide on displaying text in block or bullet form. You can test out different formats and take feedback before you finally implement a page layout that promises the best results.

Continually testing and refining the above factors will not only improve performance and reduce bounce rates, but will also result in increased conversions. This exercise, in turn will make your paid marketing campaign much more profitable.

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