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More important than mere content on your site is informational content. With more than half of search queries being informational by nature, you need to focus on providing informational content to attract search engines and drive relevant traffic to your site.

Most websites usually have only 20 percent of informational content on their website while the balance 80 percent is of navigational or even transactional nature. If your website has the same features then you actually need the reverse ratio to attract more traffic.

Informational content is normally said to be of 2 basic types. The content may be either limited by time or could be evergreen. The limited type of content refers to news or industry reports that may get outdated within a few days, weeks, or months. However, evergreen content has the potential to remain relevant for a very long time.

One form of evergreen content is the How to… series that deals from everything to How to play the drums to How to sing a lullaby. While some How to… topics can be useful, others merely state the obvious. If you feel that your website needs a How to… series of articles that provides relevant information and help to viewers then you should include such evergreen content on your site.

In case you need to understand what your target audience is searching for then you only need to search for a related keyword in Google, click on More at the top of your Google results page, and then click on Discussions from the drop down menu.

The resultant page will provide several queries as well as discussions for the typed keyword. Based on those queries, you can then begin a blog or write a How to… article that contains several relevant and related keywords. This move will help you post evergreen informational content on your site that will draw both search engine bots and interested visitors to your site.

Even if you do not sell particular products or services required by search query users, you can still post relevant information provided it is also relevant to your business model. After all, you do need to boost conversions from the higher number of visitors that you receive after you implement the above strategy.

The informational content that you display should actually be in the form of helpful information instead of an aggressively worded sales pitch. In case you place this content in your Resources or Information Center section of your website, your website stands a greater chance of attracting the attention of major search engines.

Even though higher levels of traffic through implementation of this strategy may not result in higher percentage of conversions, you will still manage to achieve more conversions since 2 percent from 20,000 visitors is still way ahead of 6 percent from 1,500 visitors.

Informational content is an integral part of a website since it forms an essential part of the buying cycle. You must integrate informational content in your site to get more traffic or risk losing your site to lowered rankings and your clients to your competitors.

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