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The holiday season promises a substantial increase in web traffic. You need to ensure that your website is optimized from all aspects to firstly attract your target market in droves. In addition, you also need to ensure a seamless transfer from browsing to conversion with high prospects for repeat business.In order to achieve your aim of attracting higher amount of traffic this holiday season and to find out if and why disgruntled visitors are leaving your website, you need to make full use of Google Analytics. Anyway, you need to make sure that your ads direct visitors to appropriate landing pages that provide the necessary information and products, and intrigue them to shop around for more by further exploring your site.

Evaluating bounce rates for individual pages and using content and graphic elements from proven successful pages will help improve your website. Additionally, you need to analyze what your target traffic is typing in their search boxes since that will help you understand their precise needs. You can analyze frequency of those searches, locations from where potential customers start those searches and what they find, and their satisfaction levels once they land at your website. Finally, you can analyze the percentage of searches that have led to successful conversions and analyze where and why other potential customers exited your website without making a purchase.

The resultant analytics reports will help you make necessary changes to ensure that a higher percentage of visitors get converted into loyal customers. Another ignored aspect on most websites is the checkout process. You need to keep the process secure and simple to ensure that customers complete a purchase with minimum clicks right from browsing, adding items to the shopping cart, and making online payments. You need to provide appropriate product descriptions and displays without affecting website speed adversely to ensure a happy buying experience for your customers.

You should use the Google Analytics Goal Flow and Funnels Analysis to help you identify web pages that have performed exceptionally well and can replicate feature of those pages to improve overall results. You can insert your search URL within a goal funnel and check the report to confirm if your site search is performing as per expectations.

Additionally, you now need to ensure that your website is optimized to work seamlessly on different platforms, technologies, devices, and languages. If you want your website to make the most out of the hectic holiday season, you should use Google Analytics to the fullest extent possible. This strategy will help paint a clearer picture of how your target market behaves and ways to encourage them to shop for more at your website.

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