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If you have run out of ideas for improving your business sales including those for your link building exercise and need a fresh perspective then you need to step out of your cozy office and actually mingle with your customers. You just might be surprised to receive inspirational ideas from your customers that could help you improve several facets of your business including link building services.

Most people are too embarrassed to step out of their offices, especially once they receive fancy titles along-side their names. However, this mentality prevents them from learning about the actual perception formed by their customers other than those comments posted online. What they need to do is to meet customers to get a true picture of their existing levels of service and also find out ways to improve them, literally from their customer’s mouth.

The trick is not to ask them bluntly about their suggestions or reviews, but instead strike a casual conversation that leads towards what you exactly wish to know. This strategy would start by actually meeting them at their workplace, if possible, and making small talk to establish a rapport. Within no time, you will notice your customers opening up to you and offering suggestions and ideas that might hold great potential for your business.

While blogs and forums at your website might help you garner adequate feedback, talking to an actual customer will take personalization to an entire new level and will surely result in more people liking you. This humble move will enable you to comprehend the actual mood of your customers and certainly help you to find ways to improve your level of services and quality of products for your customers, which in turn will turn a complete circle and help you garner more business. This simple branding strategy is not easy since breaking the umbilical cord with your cozy office could be difficult and so would striking up conversations with your customers.

However, getting back to basics by actually meeting up with customers on a face-to-face basis will help you receive inspirational ideas that could also help you in your link building strategy. You could certainly offer incentives to customers willing to spare their precious time by offering free gifts or gift coupons since a single good idea might definitely help recover any investment even as you seek out link building tips from within those inspirational ideas.

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