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Reconnecting with your customers and keeping track of customers or potential customers is a challenging task. However those who achieve this with ease do reach their target audience. A few years back Google had introduced a concept called internet based advertising that included re-marketing. This was a great way to reengage with all those who had visited your site. This proved to be very effective and a majority of clients were able to register higher sales, increase ROI, and streamline customer management.

Publishers and advertisers along with viewers have benefitted by this feature. Publishers can now reengage and remarket their products and services. This whole exercise also leads to funding online content. The viewers or users also benefit as they can now with simple tools like Ads Preference Manager, Mute this Ad, and Why this Ad control what they see on their screen. An uncluttered screen is no doubt a pleasant experience. Encouraged by the results of these changes Google has now decided to up the ante and give even more control to its viewers.

As is Google’s policy they have taken into account all the feedback they have received from their clients and have further simplified and the entire process of remarketing. This will afford more flexibility to publishers and enable them to manage their remarketing lists efficiently. As a publisher you will now be able to target your audience in a much improved way.

Here are some of the improvements they are doing.

An upgraded Adwords remarketing tag has been made available and you can now define the lists you would like in the Adwords. You no longer need to have multiple tags for specific words if you are a Google Analytics customer. All that you need to do is make a small edit to your Analytics tag and you will be able to create remarketing lists. All this can be done from your Google Analytics interface. These lists can then be used to run remarketing campaigns on the Google Display Network.

In addition to this you are in for a pleasant surprise. You will not only be able to reach out to those that viewed your site once but will also be able to target customers/viewers that are similar to the ones you are reengaging. This is a big bonus. The new viewers will surely increase the cash flow.

To top this Google is testing a beta version which allows you to customize your search campaigns based on Adwords remarketing lists. All this is now available to those who have a managed account. So, in case you are interested in this new development it is time you got in touch your representative.

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