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AdWords Scripts can prove to be an extremely powerful and customizable automation tool that should be preferred over the AdWords Editor and standard interface. You need not wait for Google’s approval for access and can instantly generate extensive reports as you quickly learn about how to use this wonderful tool.

In addition, AdWords Scripts uses JavaScript that is not only easy to pick up, but also provides free support and has lots of online documentation. Countless interactive functions and automated features ensure that you can easily connect with your accounts and campaigns while automatically running regular tasks. Another huge advantage is its ability to merge with spreadsheets and other Google tools such as gmail, which in turn can help develop customized workflows.

Below are multiple ways by which you can benefit by using AdWords Scripts.

In case you change your account structure and move keywords to other new ad groups then you may wish to know if your keywords are actually performing worse after this move. Using the AdWords interface will require engaging in several vlookups in your spreadsheet or checking different ad groups, which would be tiring and time-consuming.

An easy way using AdWords Scripts can be to just specify the names of your new and old campaign along with the date ranges for which you wish to compare metrics. The script will then retrieve the required keyword data and display the details in one spreadsheet for easy comparison and further optimization.

Another advantage of using AdWords Scripts is to get a historical report of Quality Score (QS). Using standard AdWords reports is not practical since you will have to create several pivot tables manually and will still fail to monitor your progress in a satisfactory manner. You only need to create an AdWords Script that gathers information on QS as well as Impressions by way of each keyword in that account.

You can then calculate QS values based on impression-weight for all your ad groups and also QS based on account-levels. Your script can then be programmed to deliver all collected data to a Google spreadsheet that will provide a historical Quality Score report once it is scheduled to run on a daily basis. In fact, you can also customize it to get ad groups that need to be further optimized.

You can also use AdWords Scripts to analyze your account on a regular basis instead of waiting for months. You can easily create a script that counts and analyzes keywords, ads, ad groups, and keywords match types. Next, you can install triggers that send emails automatically to the concerned person or department in case of a breach.

Furthermore, AdWords Scripts can also enable you to remove or stop ads that perform poorly, in an automated manner. For instance, you can create a script that analyses percentage served across all the ad variations and then deletes or stops ads that are at the bottom. However, you can also specify that those ads that perform at around 10 percent efficiency of other variations and is pulling in more than expected clicks and conversions should not be stopped or deleted. You can also incorporate test modes that will display what will happen once you do execute that script before you actually execute the script.

The above multiple advantages can be enjoyed once you utilize AdWords Scripts to analyze and customize your accounts. You can certainly create customized reports for better monitoring as well as automate several functions that would not be possible with standard tools at your disposal.

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