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There are more than a million apps presently available in the iTunes store and on Google Play. Advertisers wanting to drive incremental installs are at their wits end and are forever looking for ways to make their app stand out from amongst the crowd. Google AdWords recently launched a number of apps promotion features to help advertisers in their app promotion campaign. These features are bound to increase the ROI of advertisers.

Reducing your CPA (Cost per Acquisition) with Conversion Optimizer

Conversion optimizer from Google is one such tool. This tool helps advertisers optimize their campaigns by driving the right kind of traffic at reasonable acquisition costs. The cost is not only reasonable but this tool also increases conversions on Google’s search and display network, thus increasing the ROI of advertisers. This feature will now be available to app advertisers so that they can achieve economies of scale. The conversion optimizer is unique in that it constantly analyzes past conversion data and accordingly adjusts bids on an ongoing basis.

In the Conversion Optimizer the advertiser has the option to set a predetermined cost for every acquisition. This figure can be based on the advertisers average cost per download. The Conversion Optimizer uses the data available with it and automatically places CPC bids in case they meet the conditions. Initial trials have shown that results vary from campaign to campaign but the results from the beta campaign have registered more than 20 percent decrease in the cost per acquisition. This app will now enable advertisers to move from manual bidding to automated bidding.

Ad Formats

Advertisers promoting your apps have to do a fine balancing act. First, they have to make the users aware of your app and then they have to make sure that users download the app. For this most advertisers are using text ads. Google has made sure that the text ads are optimized in that they not only give people more information about the app but also inform the users about the cost and what other users feel about the app. This ensures more people are driven to the app.

All the latest ratings and reviews are updated automatically giving the potential user more power to make an informed choice. All that advertisers have to do is create a text ad that points to the app download page. AdWords does the rest like formatting and adding graphics. It has been noted that when additional info like this is given to the users the cost per acquisition decreases by as much as 25 percent.

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