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Now you too can create your own personal search engine with the help of Dr. Edel Garcia’s Minerazzi. The Minerazzi project enables users to create search engines based on specific topics even if they do not know programming.

Dr. Garcia’s aim is to allow everyone on the internet to build their own private searches rather than merely look at results that are currently offered by other search engines. He wants to provide interactive results to searchers rather than just displaying links that can be clicked.

The concept of Minerazzi began in the form of an indexing project that was showcased in the Microsoft Innovation Center located at the Center of Inter American University of Puerto Rico. The project underwent several changes before being finally pulled out of the Microsoft Innovation Center and turned into a unique search platform.

Dr. Garcia enlisted the help of several developers and local librarians, and beta testing has now commenced on the Minerazzi project after a year of combined efforts. The project helps users build an index of their chosen data and then begin mining for phone numbers, email addresses, etc., along with other keywords right away from the results pages itself.

Users can also identify keyword sets through Minerazzi that possess common features including byte sizes, occurrences, etc. Businesses can also use the data provided by Minerazzi by firstly creating a small index for their specific data that can be searched. Specific indexes can be built based on market information such as products, services, and competitor indexes too can be created for mining. This data can be researched, stored, and shared by businesses and even researchers.

Eleven search modes that interact with the user are used by Minerazzi to extract information from the crawled data. Some of those modes include AND, OR, NOR, EXCLUSOVE OR, NOT AND, and PROXIMITY that permits users to provide a specific number along with 2 terms separated by any number chosen by them without exceeding it.

These modes can deliver crucial signals as well as clues related to the specific search engine along with its content. Dr. Garcia feels that these search mode results can provide information that is very specific for users and users can then interact with the results rather than merely looking at them. Some ratios can also provide data on keywords within a specific collection that have organic and inorganic incompatibility.

While Minerazzi has not been launched officially and is still in beta testing, Dr. Garcia is hopeful that this service will be launched in the next few weeks.

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