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Getting stats about the impact you are having on Twitter was difficult up until now. You had a tough time finding out how many times a particular tweet had been favorited, the number of times it had been re-tweeted, and how many people replied to a tweet. While this information was available or rather noticeable on the fly, it was practically impossible to spot trends. This made it difficult to know what type of content was popular with your followers. However, things have changed, Twitter Analytics is here!

To access the impact of your tweets, all you have to do is go to and login with your Twitter account information. Now click Analytics link and see your stats. You can see the stats on favorites, retweets, and reply interaction.

You also have the option of downloading this data as a CSV file. The information is not exhaustive, albeit a bit basic, however, it is the same amount of information that businesses had not so long ago. This may not cheer up the multinationals, but for small businesses and small marketers availability of such data without the need of third party resources is a big plus.

This is just the beginning and in the coming months Twitter will expand its analytics offerings. As and when Twitter includes more information in analytics it would be a boon for marketers using Twitter as a business tool.
Marketers will know if it is the same people that are favoriting their tweets and retweeting or there are different people every time. Marketers will know the overall reach of a tweet as they will have access to the number of followers the retweets went to.

On the other hand Twitter will also benefit as Twitter users will have to login to the ad platform to access analytics data. Even if a small percentage of Twitter users test Twitter ads or tell others to use Twitter advertising, it will be a win-win situation for Twitter.

This is a big achievement given the fact that Twitter was struggling to get advertisers on board with their new ad system.

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