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Pinterest has overtaken Facebook in Ecommerce retailer shares as per data derived by Gigya. The study done by this social media company showed that Pinterest, with 41 percent of Ecommerce shares, overtook Facebook that managed to garner 37 percent shares. Twitter followed with 17 percent shares.

Pinterest has focused on retailer sharing where members are allowed to pin products of interest that they plan to buy at a later date or may have already bought them. Pinterest has a large female user base, which is the same with other Ecommerce clients of Gigya and that could explain the reason behind the high ecommerce sharing percentages of Pinterest.

Even though Facebook rules the roost in shared content and social logins, other social media networks seem to biting at its heels as users try them out in a bid to expand their social activities. Currently, Facebook leads with a 52 percent share of social plugins as well as 50 percent in overall content sharing.

However, here too, Google is catching up very fast by doubling its share from 12 to 24 percent in all social logins. With Google’s Google+ sign-in feature that allows mobile users to download on the air, the company’s share is bound to increase in coming times.

Facebook has a very large presence in social logins in sections such as education (81 percent), travel and hospitality (57 percent), non-profit sites (81 percent), consumer brands (67 percent), and online retailers (79 percent), where Gigya was used for social connectivity.

The study also revealed that Google+ managed to garner only 2 percent in content sharing that utilized tools from Gigya even though it continues to witness increased logins. Twitter led the field of social sharing with 24 percent share, which was still way behind Facebook’s 50 percent share.

It seemed that Google+ and Facebook were viewed more as identity networks while Twitter signified syndication in the eyes of most users. Even though Twitter may not possess large ecommerce content shares, it still has a strong presence amongst media as well as publishing firms and consumer brands. Shares through consumer brand websites indicated that Twitter held 38 percent while Facebook held a slight lead with 41 percent.

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