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Initiating site migration in order to shift over to a new Content Management System platform or for any other reason requires a lot of planning. In addition, you also need to set up goals that basically translate into what you expect out of your new website.

You can begin by making a wish list that is the foundation of your goals for your new website. However, you need to make sure that your goals adhere to a specific framework and are realistic enough to be achieved within the stipulated time limit. Here are some real tips for setting realistic goals for your new website.

You need to begin by forming a core team that communicates ideas with each other including potential problems and possible solutions that need to be tackled during the process of achieving your goals. You can begin by discussing issues that are currently plaguing your existing website. These issues should involve the project leader and can be discussed in the form of a story so that each team member can relate to that problem and get down to looking for a solution before the start of the site migration process.

For instance, if you want different departments to view the latest and updated data on a real-time basis then your goal should be to find out a solution for your new website so as to make the entire exercise worthwhile.

Even though it is okay to throw ideas around the room during the site migration process, the goals that you finally set based on those ideas should be easy to comprehend by all members of the team. This will enable each member to clearly understand just what is required to achieve those goals.

In addition, each goal should be measurable since you and your team will need to recognize when you finally do reach the goal as well as understand hurdles that may be preventing realization of those goals. You can also compare and measure your new goals with those of your old website to confirm if you have indeed taken the right step in site migration.

However, the key is to set up realistic goals and learn to identify and discard unrealistic ones. Each idea must be explored to its full potential, but only achievable ideas should be transformed into goals. This move will help you focus on only goals that are attainable instead of getting distracted and disappointed by following goals that were not realistic in the first place.

In short, you need to form a team with a project head as well as ensure open and clear communication. Your team needs to openly discuss many ideas before you turn select ideas into realistic goals that can be implemented for your new site. These tips should help you in your site migration exercise and ensure that your time, money, and effort are not wasted as you migrate to a new website.

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