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Semantic SEO offers a powerful technique that uses Semantic web technology and SEO to deeply analyze any search query. Factors other than keywords, links, and content affect results, and if you operate an eCommerce website then implementing semantic SEO along with SEO can work wonders for your website.

As discussed in our earlier blog, using structured data through syntax and vocabularies is a proven way to attract search engines. Two important vocabularies that can positively affect rankings are GoodRelations and Open Graph. Two commonly used syntax variants are Microdata utilized by and RDFa utilized by GoodRelations.

Semantic markup in your web pages using vocabularies and syntax by way of semantic SEO help search engines deliver far more relevant answers to queries from users. Semantic SEO works wonders for your eCommerce website in the following ways.

All your website data such as product data including ratings and reviews, business address with contact details, special promotions and deals, video content, etc., become easily visible and index-able by major search engine bots. Several current and upcoming devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, car navigation devices, etc., can access this optimized data easily. Users too get better results thanks to your semantic seo efforts.

Major search engines will reward your semantic markup efforts by boosting chances of delivering your webpage right into the SERP. GoodRelations provides an excellent opportunity to display search-engine-friendly, app-friendly, and browser-friendly data to different devices. With Google supporting GoodRelations since the past year, there has been an increase of around 30 percent in CTR for search results that provide matching extensions.

If your business requires sending promotional deals on a daily basis or even menu cards to current and potential customers then you can extract the best out of GoodRelations. You need not create individual feeds for every app that you need to be supported.

You can begin implementing your semantic SEO strategy by modifying your store locator as well as your mobile store locator. You should continue this strategy by indulging in optimization of your IYP Link and Maps along with best practices in Local SEO. Optimizing your mobile local search is important in attracting an increasing number of users that now utilize mobile devices for searches.

You should also remember that your local data needs to be organized and optimized before you markup products using GoodRelations. Upon successful synching of your digital and physical data, your web-pages will receive enhanced authority known as data fidelity that can achieve several page one spots in SERPs. You can be sure of improving Click Through Rates once you add semantic markup to your pages using GoodRelations.

Since GoodRelations is an established Web Standard that makes it easy for search engines on various devices as well as apps understand its vocabulary, using this tool can provide several rewards by way of improved visibility and CTR. You should indulge in Semantic SEO for eCommerce website to ensure improved rankings and conversions.

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