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If you are not happy with your B2B website conversion rates or wish to improve them by fine-tuning your SEO techniques then here are a few tips. By expanding your conversion avenues and leveraging benchmark data, you can achieve your aim of improving conversion rates.You certainly need to consider tracking different conversion avenues including demo requests, sales evaluations, white papers, newsletters, special promotions, and reviews. You should realize that conversions based on higher degree of information or research will be more than sales-ready conversions.

In addition, A/B testing or split testing will certainly help you determine elements on your website that provide enhanced conversions. Additionally, such tests will help locate deficiencies that can be addressed by improving the content or graphics or other features of your website. You can use free testing tools such as Google Content Experiments that is available in Google Analytics. If you are willing to pay nominal amounts that are dependant on your testing volume, then you can opt for Optimizely.

Another conversion-boosting tip is to implement a lead scoring system that provides data on leads based on the size of your company, your business model, and other factors such as behavior attributes and demographics. Implementing a lead scoring system will help you monitor the efficiency of your B2B campaign and benchmark it to decide on initiatives that are providing or exceeding estimated revenues while modifying or discarding ineffective ones.

In case your conversion rates are not as per your expectations or fail to meet industry benchmarks then you will have to reflect on other web-traffic metrics to confirm performance levels. You will need to factor in metrics such as page views based on each visit, average time period spent on your website, conversion rates as compared to other sources of web traffic, and bounce and exit rates. Your conversion rates need to be compared with industry benchmarks as well as other traffic channels for a clearer picture.

However, do not depend merely on industry benchmarks since your high rate of leads might not be of much use if they do not generate revenues for your specific business. The above tips can certainly help you enhance your B2B website conversion rates if you genuinely follow them and constantly monitor their results.

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