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Responsive web design needs not only creative developers and designers, but in addition requires the support of smart SEOs to deliver a memorable user experience across various device platforms. Developers and SEOs need to work together to avoid common glitches that affect several well-known websites such as those mentioned below.

One common glitch that is still ignored by many responsive web design developers and surprisingly SEO teams too is the absence of keywords that are specific to mobile users. Mobile device users are usually on the go and use specific keywords to locate desired websites. For instance Starbucks seems to have missed out on catering to the demands of a large number of searchers that want to know about “drive thru starbucks” from their mobile phones.

Other mobile users that want to know more about “24 hour starbucks” too could end up disappointed as the website seems to only use filters that cannot be crawled. Instead, Starbucks provides a complicated route for users to seek out the desired location, which could actually be achieved with a single click or tap. Other mammoth websites including Disney too seem to have ignored increasing use of mobiles by missing out on important keywords such as “mobile games”.

Another common glitch faced by most users relates to site architecture that prevents mobile users from enjoying a visit to the desired website. Again, sites such as may allow mobile users to view attractive game titles such as Mickey’s Delivery Dash, but will throw up an error message stating that the game is not supported by the user’s device when they try to play the game. Other error messages will greet users that try to play several other well-known Disney online games.

Similar glitches can bug users that reach the Starbucks site using mobile devices. Whether developers develop a fresh new design for mobiles or use retrofit techniques in their responsive web design strategy, they should ensure that mobile users get to view content and use functions that are specific to mobile usage.

Developers and SEOs are also hesitant to design new sites that are specific for mobile users including those that use phones and smartphones. However, considering that mobile web browsers such as Opera cater to around 10 percent of the mobile search market through Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, you could certainly lose a lot of business by ignoring this fast-growing market. You must decide on creating different sites for different users based on your business and the devices used by your potential customers to arrive at your website.

SEOs must make efforts to team up with developers and can use HTML5 to provide a wonderful user experience to all users irrespective of the device used to access their websites. While responsive web design can help alleviate several common glitches through repeated testing, SEO teams must ensure that crucial keywords are not ignored merely in the haste to make the website more responsive.

Even though you may feel that responsive web design may be well suited for SEO, there are a few glitches such as those illustrated above that need to be taken into consideration. Your responsive web design strategy needs to understand the specific needs of users that use desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets, and other devices and deliver a website that presents an unforgettable user experience. This will compel viewers to get transformed from interested browsers to happy clients, boost sales and revenues, and help capture your target market.

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