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Google announced yesterday a few new developments to help you get your data faster than before. The shortcuts announced by Google in Google Analytics allow you to get the desired view in a very short time.

Earlier you needed to go through a relatively long procedure to get this view. This entailed you clicked Find Report, Add segment, change, and sort. Now you no longer have to go through this rather long route. All you have to do is save your shortcuts and then with a single click get all the data you need.

Here is how you create the shortcut. The Google Analytics report (Custom or standard) has a utility bar. This bar has a “Shortcut” button, click it. Name your Shortcut. Having given your shortcut a name you will be taken to a new Shortcut section in the Home tab. You will now be able to see the report on the left side of the screen as your new configuration has been sorted.

The information saved as Shortcut is Graphed metrics, Advanced segments, Standard or custom reports for context, currently viewed tab, and Sort order. What is not stored is the sample size and data range as they will vary according to the data you want to view.

All the short cuts you have created are stored and you can view them in the Home Tab in Google Analytics. Now all you have to do is choose the shortcut and click on it. When you make changes while viewing reports all you have to do is click “Save” in the utility bar and your changes will be saved. The next time you want to see the reports in that format you will not have to make the changes all over again.

Managing shortcuts is also possible and you can also delete a particular shortcut if you want to. These shortcuts can be emailed as you would email any report. However, deleting a shortcut will also remove the report for that shortcut.

All these steps have made things a lot easier and I am sure you will take advantage of it and use it to acquaint yourself with the new changes.

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