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It may seem quite frustrating that even as you strive to hit the 100,000 Pageview mark with a deeply-researched and well-written post, another person rambling about a tough day at work gets 100,000 views and thousands of votes in an instant. However, you need to understand that there are several factors involved in achieving the 100,000 Pageview mark and not all of them may be logical or intentional.

While you may have assumed that search engines such as Google insist on citations, this is not true. In case there are no credible links to back your article or blog post, Google will not discredit your content. You can certainly make your point in a unique way and still get the attention of most search engines as well as your audience.

Another way of catching the attention of humans as well as search engine bots is to solve problems faced by them or simply highlight those problems. Even by just sympathizing with people that have faced similar problems, you will be able to catch their attention while enhancing your visibility at the same time.

In this fast-paced digital world where gadgets and topics become obsolete a few days after they are launched, planning too much in advance will not fulfill your wish of achieving 100,000 Pageviews. Rather than merely depending on the Google Keyword Tool or the Google Keyword Planner as it is now known, you need to extract the latest in trending topics through tools such as Bottlenose.

Once you find out the latest topics or problems that desperately need solutions then you can be sure of achieving your goal of 100K Pageviews. Depending solely on monthly search volume reports will provide outdated data and others may have already provided solutions by the time you begin writing your post on the same topic.

In addition, you also need to identify the right sites to host your posts. Both you and your host site need to respect each other’s wishes and rules before you begin guest blogging in a manner to attract the attention of your target audience.

Of course, there is no other option to putting out great content that is really worthy of getting links. Your content should be related to the needs of your target audience, should offer solutions or at least sympathize with their problems, and should be visible on sites that are frequented by like-minded viewers seeking a solution or those that actually read and appreciate your views.

Your links too should lead viewers to a page that they want to view. You can be sure of very high bounce rates if your links lead viewers to undesired pages while broken links will get you penalized in several different ways.

Your post should also sport a tone that is in the same wavelength as your viewers. You can use humor if you feel it is needed or can stick to a professional tone since trying to merge different writing styles will only end up confusing your audience.

Finally, you need to write not in a bid to merely build links, but because you passionately wish to blog. Chances are that your blog may or may not get picked up, but if your content is what your audience wants then chances of achieving that 100,000 Pageview Post will no longer seem an elusive dream.

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