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While users only used desktops and laptops in the past to access websites, an increasing number of users now use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to browse on the move. You should understand the change in devices accessing your website and their specific needs to improve traffic to your site as well as conversion rates.

Here are a few vital tips that will help you enhance your mobile landing pages, enable users to enjoy a pleasant browsing experience, and convert interested visitors into paying customers.

Keep it simple, webmaster.

Whether it is text, graphics, or the amount of data displayed on each webpage, your aim should be to keep it simple and short. A graphic-heavy webpage will take a longer time to load and fill up the tiny screen of a smartphone and in turn, hardly leave any additional space for keyword-rich text.

You must ensure that any user landing at any webpage of your website can instantly begin reading content and view images without the need to zoom or scroll in any direction. Most readers might just exit the landing page since they might not have the patience or time to zoom since they might have landed on your page while on the go. Remember to include your call-to-action within the displayed content of your landing page to encourage each user to proceed in the desired direction.

The right blend of text and graphics that ensures faster loading and attention-grabbing content will be the best combination to attract mobile users again to your website.

Use Responsive Design to please various Screens

There are thousands of models of mobile devices that have hundreds of screen-sizes. You must ensure that your landing page scales seamlessly to each screen size without loss of quality or functionality. Using responsive design will help resize your webpage to the screen dimensions of each user, irrespective of whether he or she uses an Android or Windows smartphone, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, or any other tablet.

In addition, your webpage should display perfectly in portrait and landscape mode as well as resize seamlessly to display data and images perfectly whenever mobile users tilt their devices. You should remember that not all mobile devices support Flash and hence using HTML coding is a better option.

You should also ensure that the fonts used for your text are easy to read over various screen sizes and that your call-to-action section uses enhanced fonts in terms of size and design.

Get the precise location of each user for Targeted Advertising

New tools such as Geo-Location API can help you by displaying the exact co-ordinates of each user that arrives at your website. This vital data can help localize your landing pages based on the maximum number of users arriving from a specific geographical location. In addition, you can embark on localized advertising campaigns as well as display helpful information about dealers near the location of each user that lands on your website.

Use A/B Testing to learn best techniques to enhance your Landing Pages

You need to enhance your landing pages based on your business model, your target market, and the type of mobile devices used by them to access your webpages. Continuous A/B testing will help monitor your website, try out new techniques to enhance your website, and use strategies that deliver enhanced results. A/B testing for mobiles is quite easy and affordable, and their results can point you in the right direction.

The above tips will help you cater to this fast-emerging market in a professional manner while encouraging mobile users to come back again after a pleasant experience. Your landing pages have only a few seconds to impress visitors arriving through mobile devices and using the above tips will ensure that you get it right the very first time.

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