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A slide presentation is a wonderful addition to any sort of promotion. Its visual impact cannot be discounted while the cost involved in a slide presentation is negligible.

Here are some important tips on how to present a spectacular slide presentation.

You slide show literally has only a few slides to connect with your audience, get your intended point or points across to them, and become embedded in their memory for a long time. Hence your first step should be to create an outline for your proposed presentation. If possible, you can write down the outline so that you remember to incorporate all your points during actual creation of your slide presentation.

Your presentation needs to be in the form of a story since a story presented in a visual manner will certainly leave an impact on the minds of viewers. You must remember to create a simple story with identifiable characters that can quickly connect with your audience. Depending on the nature of your slide presentation, you can include humor even while presenting facts since such a strategy will establish an instant connection with the audience.

The characters in your story must be able to overcome challenges presented in the slide presentation. This will provide motivation to viewers that may have connected with that character and empathized with the displayed problems. Your characters need to be those that your audience can relate to and should be modified to suit your intended topic.

For instance, if you are pitching ideas to a target audience that involves body-builders then your character can be based on Arnold or Sylvester or even famous local body-building icons in case you plan to target a specific geographical area. You can create your own characters or use the internet and its tools to get hold of existing images that can then be modified to suit your own presentation.

You can use Flickr Creative Commons, Compfight, Photo Pin, or other similar tools to get your hands on millions of images. In addition, tools such as Adobe and Colllor can help enhance those images by providing a palette of colors. You can use tools like Font Zone, Font Squirrel, and 1001 Free Fonts to provide matching text in attractive fonts for each image.

You can use PowerPoint or Keynote to create your slideshow and also create PDF versions of the same since they can be shared with your event organizers in case you do the presentation at a common event.

You can also create a buzz before actual presentation by announcing your program in advance on social media and can also present a small preview to arouse curiosity amongst your fans and followers. You can also write a blog on your upcoming slide presentation with an embedded preview as well as write a blog after the presentation along with embedding the entire video of your presentation.

You should certainly use all social media sites where you have a following, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedln, etc., to announce and promote your slide presentation. Do not forget to utilize the event hashtag when you share it on social sites. You should also optimize your file name, title, and description, among others, by incorporating relevant keywords. Adding Twitter handles to your titles or meta descriptions is another optimization tip that should be followed for all presentations.

Adding a hashtag will make it easier to track sharing of your slide presentation as it journeys across various social sites. Tagging your slides as well as content with the Google Analytics URL Builder and is a must for easy tracking. You can get statistics on number of slides viewed by viewers, shares, tweets, comments, Facebook shares, and downloads along with details of traffic sources and views from each country, etc.

Tools such as Google Analytics and SocialCrawlytics will help you determine the results of your slide presentation efforts in terms of popularity, traffic, conversion rates, etc. Feedback and comments posted against your slide presentation will help you improve your efforts for future shows.

In addition to helping you improve your slide presentation, this valuable feedback will also improve your speaking skills. Over time you will be able to confidently develop and present spectacular slide presentations along with a combination of slick speaking.

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