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Mobile advertising has come of age and it has proved very effective in terms of conversions and has helped many a brand build itself. YouTube has recently focused on creating ad formats that are increasing the viewers overall experience of watching videos.

With smartphones being an important accessory in today’s world most of the videos we watch are on it, although we also watch videos on tablets and desktops. YouTube has introduced a number of mobile ad formats for the benefit of advertisers which help them reach their target audience better. This way content can be effectively monetized. To take this concept further YouTube has just launched the TrueView in-stream video ads for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

In this format the viewer is not compelled to watch the ads and they can skip the ad after 5 seconds if they do not find it interesting. This gives the choice to the viewers and they no longer have to endure the ads they find boring or uninteresting. As for the advertisers they only pay when the viewer watches the full ad. This way neither the viewer is burdened nor do the advertisers pay for each and every ad. Advertisers can thus focus all their energies on people who want to and watch their ads and find it interesting. The other benefit that advertisers get is when people who have watched the ad share it with their friends and acquaintances. So they get two potential customers. And since the viewer finds the advertisement interesting there is the added possibility of the viewer watching more ads from the same advertiser.

This should cheer up a lot of advertisers as we approach the festive season ahead. However, it is important to point out that brand recall is higher when an advertisement is simultaneously run across all platforms like TV, PC, and handheld devices.

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