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Almost everyone in the developed world and more than half in the developing world have some kind of handheld device. More people access the internet on the go via their mobiles. People not only look for information but a major part of their purchase decision happens on what and how they see on their mobiles. Keeping this in mind Google Mobile Ads decided to gain an insight into people’s experience. The results were not surprising. 61% of the users said that they move over to other site if they don’t find the site exciting or interesting. Now the reason why this happens is because many sites are still not mobile friendly. Such sites were primarily made for big screens like those in laptops, or desktops. In fact the study pointed out that almost 67% of the respondents were likely to buy from sites that were considered mobile friendly.

So, if you are one with a site that is still not optimized for mobiles then take a step back and think hard. You could be missing out on a neat bundle of revenue. Here is what users want from mobile sites. This study was conducted by independent firms Sterling Research and SmithGeiger. The firms surveyed 1088 adult mobile internet users and made their report public in July of this year. Here are the findings

More than 96% have come across sites that were not compatible with mobile screens. Nearly 75% said they preferred sites that were mobile friendly. Both these facts highlight a problem and at the same time also offer an opportunity for companies that want to engage customers.

Having a mobile friendly site guarantees more conversions as users satisfied with the mobile experience are more likely to buy from such sites. 74% of those studied explained that they are more than likely to revisit the site if it is mobile friendly. And of those that revisit almost 67% eventually bought from that site.

It is clear that if you do not have a mobile friendly site you are helping your competitor and that is the last thing you want to do in these tough times. Users that don’t find what they were looking for on a site quickly move to another site or search again. Perhaps the most important finding that came out of this study was that even if customers liked a business more than 50% would not like to buy from such a site if it was not mobile friendly.

It is now clear that for a business to stay relevant it needs to have a mobile friendly site. Customers feel frustrated and feel they wasted their valuable time if the site they access is not mobile friendly.

From the above study it is clear that not only should you have a mobile friendly site but you also have to ensure that your site works well across all handheld devices.

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