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Twitter’s tumultuous relationship with Linkedln has finally reached a dead end with the former parting ways in a bid to strictly impose new rules on parties that use their API. The divorce between these two social media websites has evoked loud protests from users that have been using both websites since the past 2 years.

Twitter has stated that users of Linkedln will not be able to view Tweets on Linkedln from June 29 onwards. Twitter claims that they have been continually evolving their platform and hope that their users will in future utilize Twitter to transmit their professional content and states that users will nevertheless be able to share their updates with audiences of Twitter when posting on Linkedln.

Users of both websites are however not happy with the move. While some exclaim that Twitter has taken this action in a bid to earn higher revenues merely through their website, others feel that Twitter seems to change rules as per their needs. Many feel that third-party developers have not been meted out fair treatment from Twitter and are fearful of ending up on the wrong side of the social media giant.

Several users have commented that Twitter does not resemble an open platform anymore and it could be time to create an entire new site rivaling Twitter. Many users that use Linkedln only for professional purposes are however happy that mindless Tweets from Twitter members will no longer distract serious users from using the website for professional interaction. A few Tweeters however felt that Twitter did provide far better features as compared to Linkedln when used for professional purposes.

Twitter does seem to have taken a bold step in a bid to regain control of their API. However, only time will tell if the move has indeed benefitted Twitter or in fact turned out to be a boon for Linkedln.

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