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If you thought that only websites that ended up behind on page rankings needed better SEO techniques then think again. Linking up with giants such as Twitter to improve your online exposure could prove to be detrimental simply because Twitter too needs to improve its own SEO techniques.

The basic problem is of Twitter duplicating pages that in turn causes Google robots to get confused whilst indexing multiple pages of the same profiles within Twitter. In addition Twitter too does not provide the right answers to SEOs that want to understand the best way to link to their site.

You will thus need to try out various options in order to firstly recognize as to why a specific link provides higher rankings as compared to others. For instance, if your URL has an escaped fragment, then you can expect to get punished by Google with lowered page rankings.

Twitter is certainly facing canonicalization issues that are causing a lot of confusion for search engines trying to follow up on 301 redirects. In addition, URLs without www face a 302 redirect that is blocked by the robots.txt file. In other words, Twitter has twisted itself into a knot by using Google’s AJAX crawler that is in fact confusing Google bots, which in turn needs to conduct multiple indexing, thus punishing your ratings in the process.

You will need to try out several strategies since there is no clear-cut path to achieving improved rankings by linking with Twitter. For instance you need to try using several strategies with your URL such as using http or https, Capital or lowercase letters, Slash or without Slash at the end of your URL, using or omitting the @ sign, and a few other changes that you might discover along the way.

In short, Twitter needs to improve its own SEO techniques and until it does so, you need to try out various permutations and combinations to ensure that your linking exercise does not suffer in the process.

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