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People these days are reworking their content strategies. Those that aren’t better begin doing it right now, as not reevaluating content strategy will cost you dear. Content should not only be relevant and unique but should also have substance to pass through Panda filters. And even when this is done the content should also help you earn penguin-proof links.

You may have the most relevant and informative content in a section of your site and you may consider it linkable content. However, there is still a small chance where your content might fall short and this may result in your content not being able to build links that your site really needs. There are a few common weaknesses against which you should compare your content and if you notice that the content does indeed fall short then you need to reinvigorate it. Here is how you go about doing it.

Over commercialization

You have made sure that your content has all the relevant keywords and it is rich in relevant information that people are searching for. You have also taken care to cover all the subjects related to your business, and to top it all you have made sure your content does not resemble a sales copy. But still your content fails to bring in the desired number of links.

Well, it is time you reassess what all is around your content. You may notice that not only do you have a header, there is also an offer for “Free shipping”, a Help option, AdSense, may be a intrusive side bar, and an irritating Pop-up. This is the problem. You have over commercialized your content. This, by the way, is not appealing at all.

The way forward

Trim down and keep the content as clean as you can. Make sure your content does not lose its relevance and has all the strong points it had earlier. It is ok to promote your brand but make sure that you garner more points by offering professional advice. When this content will be shared your brand will be a winner. Make sure that your content does not just target keywords but also includes information on other related subjects, services, and products. This will give an impression that you are an expert in your chosen field. Another benefit that you will reap is when you write on broader issues you get a wider audience and thus improve your chances of making more money.

Another important thing that you have to bear in mind is that your content shouldn’t appear bombastic. Offer a perspective that is neutral and make sure your content voices opinions from other sources as well. This way you will ensure that your content is not one sided. You need to be objective and also present other sides of the story or argument. Give all the correct information and let people come to their own conclusions. In case you do want push your case, then make sure the sources are not affiliated to you in any way.

Your aim should be to garner as wide an audience as possible. This will ensure more people begin to follow you on the social media or subscribe to your newsletters. However to be successful have to know thoroughly well the form of content people respond to on diverse platforms. You also have to be absolutely sure about the topics your targeted customers (link targets) are interested in and this is possible only with diligent research.

So, don’t fret and fume if your site isn’t getting the desired amounts of links. Nothing is lost, all you need is a little bit of refining and retuning and your site will have the kinds of links that reap in the dividends you rightly deserve.

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