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Social networking sites such as Twitter offer excellent opportunities to boost traffic to your website and even boost conversions. However, with everyone aiming for similar results you need to leverage your social SEO data to optimize your Twitter campaign for far better results.You need to create a single group containing SEO data that has merged SEO, PPC, Display, and Social together to extract a lot more out of your campaign that you ever thought possible. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this aim.

Just as in any other marketing campaign, your Twitter campaign too needs to look out for crucial keywords. However, since there might be countless tweets from your target audience, it could certainly get difficult to seek out important keywords from a sea of data. You need to identify current trends and extract keywords from tweets that pertain to that trend. You then need to link pages to these trends and monitor this move to further fine tune you campaign.

Once your social team and your SEO team work together, then identifying such keywords, especially long tailed ones can be quite easy. Identifying trends through keywords as well as the other way around can be simple since you need to identify the total amount of keywords used in Tweets on a weekly basis. Comparing the volume of that keyword with the same in the previous week will help identify trends.

Keywords with a noticeable rise as compared to the previous week data can then be considered for your campaign. Once you have identified strong keywords then you need to act fast to incorporate them along with a few moderate ones in your own Tweets. Your next step should be to check as to how many of your web-pages are mapped to these keywords. If you do not have pages optimized with these keywords then you need to incorporate them into your content and related tags pronto.

You need to also ensure that you continually test each change to make sure that you are on the right path of SEO and social optimization. If you notice a rise in your followers, a rise in user engagement, and conversions on the optimized landing pages, then your optimized campaign is on the right track. If you want to fortify your findings with figures then continued A/B testing will provide statistics.

Make sure that you track metrics such as page views, time spent on your site, bounce rates, and conversions by way of registrations, submissions, and downloads. You can start out small with a test campaign by selecting few keywords and tracking their metrics over a specified period of time. Over time, you will learn how to identify keywords in a better manner to implement and optimize your campaign on a larger scale.

The above tips can result in a noticeable rise in traffic to your website even as you notice a marked rise in tweets and re-tweets after your optimization exercise. Try them out and reap the benefits of creating a successful Twitter campaign that can be utilized for other social networking websites too.

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