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Improving rankings at times seems like a breeze and at times it takes mammoth efforts to even shift one spot upwards. Why does this happen? Well, we will get to this answer later. But let’s first focus on why ranking high on a search term means such a lot. When a viewer sees you ranked at the top for a term, he/she immediately assumes that you are the best in the business/product category. This superior brand value gets you the revenue that you hoped to achieve in the first place.

Needless to say a good SEO strategy should improve your traffic across a variety of search terms. However, targeting only a few key terms and combining it with link building strategies will most certainly boomerang on you.

Here is how you can improve your rankings. but a small disclaimer before we begin, the number used in the calculations are a figment of our imagination and do not represent Google or Bing calculations.

Basic issues

Some basics have to be kept in mind. Google allots rankings on a search query basis. It further personalizes the results page by showing local results, and adds a dash of diversity. It also looks at content like in-depth articles and if it feels that the article or content has substance that will add value, it ranks that website higher. To put things in perspective Google uses more than 200 ranking factors before displaying search results. Earlier Google would look at keywords and links and then allot ranks. But this is no longer the case.

The gap between the first and second rankings could be as much as100 points or at times one point, which in turn depends on relevance and perceived authority. However, if you have relevant and authoritative content then your rankings improve and the gap between your website and the top ranked website is just a few points and not hundred points.

Having said this it is very difficult to predict what you need to get to a specific rank. The best way forward for you is to focus on non-branded organic search traffic or NBOST. If you as an SEO expert or an SEO agency are given the task of improving the rank to generate revenue. You can do this by focusing on NBOST and substantially boost your earnings, sometimes by as much as 30 percent. This should satisfy your client/boss.

Therefore keep in mind that great content creates a buzz around your brand and gets shared and loved by viewers thus propelling you past your nearest competitors.

To be perceived as the best in the business does not necessarily mean having the best product/service, but to be able to effectively communicate with viewers on the web. Social media posts and blogs offer you an opportunity to connect with your potential customers on the web. Be active and engage with communities, influencers, potential customers, and peers to build your brand.

All this will not happen overnight. It takes consistent efforts without tiring, but as you go along you will notice a marked improvement in your rankings and revenue.

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