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YP, a local search provider, recently published its end of the year review report. The data taken into consideration was about the queries for its mobile sites, desktop sites, and other advertising network.

According to YP more than 30 percent of all the queries that were generated in the last year came from mobiles. A good indication of how mobile search is gaining ground over desktop search. However, with YP being a local search provider, it is obvious that these results apply for local searches and brands. But the review report is indicative of the broader trend that is being seen in the market. And the underlying fact is that mobile search will soon overtake all forms of search.

The search review report also indicated that more than 10 percent of the search was for restaurants followed by financial services and auto repair and services. The top 10 search categories are Restaurants, Financial services, Auto repair & service, Beauty services, Physicians and surgeons, Real estate, Automobile parts, building contractors, legal services, and lodging.

However when we look at the ad spend of all these categories it is building contractors that spend the most even though they rank eighth in the list of searched category. In terms of ad spend building contractors are followed by legal services (ranked 9th in searched category) and dentists. So, what does this prove? Well, building contractors are spending substantial amounts followed by legal eagles and dentists and physicians.

According the YP report the most clicked categories in 2012 were 1) Restaurants 2) Auto Parts 3) Building contractors 4) Physicians and surgeons 5) Legal services 6) Auto repairs and services 7) Pet and animal services 8) Real estate 9) Automobile sales 10) Financial services.

YP also indicated that in terms of growth Android and iPad scored over other devices. In fact iPad searches grew at 233 %, Android searches grew at 205%, while iPhone pales in comparison at 58%.

As far as click to call ratios is concerned the lowest clicks to call ratio recorded was for Driving services at 2:1, Bus lines 2:1, car rentals 3:1 and son on and so forth. The highest click to call ratio was for grocery stores 19:1, real estate 17:1, and health resorts 16:1. This proves that consumers of services like driving services, bus lines, and car rentals looked for information that included price quotes and/or bids. While those services where the click to call ratio is huge, consumers generally wanted plain information.

The review report also indicated that mobiles are now becoming the device of choice when it comes to searching services.

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