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Most webmasters and web owners rave about quality of content when it comes to websites in their preferred language. However, in case the website is to be developed in a different language, the importance of quality content seems to take a backseat.There are several possible reasons for ignoring quality of content when it comes to websites developed in different languages. People involved in developing and marketing these websites may not actually understand what good quality is in a language that is alien to them. On the other hand, they may not be concerned about quality on the assumption that the website may only garner limited visibility.

Most web owners and webmasters are anyway more concerned with cost per word during translation without actually paying heed to the quality of that content. People need to be more aware of achieving better quality than focusing on quantity or rates. They need to create and follow a process that merges their content strategy with SEO localization input to achieve the best possible results.

This is where the problem lies since while some web owners and webmasters do not possess the right quality of talent to implement this strategy, others do not have the required control over content quality as they may have outsourced these services. Many do not have the required project briefs to implement the vision of the business while a few may have so much detail on their hands that they may end up confused on the implementation process.

Businesses and web owners need to provide the required project briefs as required by webmasters and SEO teams. On the other hand, webmasters need to prepare customized briefs to understand the specific needs of their clients as well as focus on delivering quality content in the desired language rather than merely on delivering.

The entire process should involve understanding business objectives before engaging in content selection, planning, and localization. The SEO localization process should be merged after engaging in product development as well as management of terminology. The complete package should result in top quality content for the website irrespective of the language desired by the web owner.

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