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Google has announced huge changes with its AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. However, these changes may not be suitable for all marketers and you need to study the below-mentioned points to decide if you wish to upgrade now or wait until the last possible moment when Google compels you to upgrade.

Some of the changes made in Enhanced Campaigns are the removal of mobile specific bids and carriers. You will be able to control ad extensions through ad group, utilize ad schedules for sitelinks, and change bids by geographical location. Mentioned below are pointers for those users that should wait instead of instantly upgrading to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns.

In case you are currently managing complex mobile campaigns that include segmentation by carrier, device, and geographical locations then you would be better off waiting for a while. An upgrade will eliminate these features and you may need to change your marketing strategy in case Google compels you to upgrade in the future.

In case your campaign is targeted only at tablets then again upgrading would be pointless since Enhanced Campaigns will treat both tablets and desktops as same. You will have to ensure that your website redirects tablet users to your tablet website after detection. Again, bidding adjustments will be problematic for your account that has diverse tablet and desktop CPAs.

In case you are currently targeting only mobiles then again, an upgrade would affect your campaign in an adverse manner. You will not be able to target mobiles and will have to set normal bids over your keyword or ad groups before you are able to raise or decrease your bids by 300 and 100 percent respectively. Your pay per click rates will increase substantially and hence it makes sense to wait rather than upgrade.

On the other hand, there are several marketers that could really benefit from immediately upgrading to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. For instance, in case you are hardly engaged in mobile targeting, you can upgrade now. You will be able to gain improved control over extensions and bid adjustments.

In case you have faced problems while using ad extensions and needed to create separate campaigns to promote different ads with different extensions then again, upgrading would be a wise decision. You will be allowed more control over many of your extensions at the ad group or campaign level. You can now set a few specific extensions for mobile targeting and can also schedule ads for extensions including sitelinks.

In case you have trouble in geographical bidding then again you should upgrade. Upon upgrading, you will be able to use one single campaign, bid boosts, and the same keywords while engaging in bid adjustments by geographical location. You will be able to take complete advantage of geographical data and should certainly upgrade if you are currently facing such problems.

You need to decide about whether to wait or upgrade to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns based on the above points. In case you upgrade, you should try out each new feature without going live if you wish to get a thorough idea before you go for a complete upgrade.

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