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Google has made it easier for you to optimize your search funnels data by introducing the new Search Funnels Columns feature. These columns can be added to your campaign, keywords, ads tabs, and ad group.

Once you enable conversion tracking then this new option will be displayed in the Search Funnels customizing section. You will now be able to add columns for several metrics in Search Funnels including click assisted conversions, assist clicks, as well as assist impressions.

There are several new optimizing features that can be implemented with the new search funnels columns. You can seek out the best keywords that have assisted conversions. You can search for keywords with a high click assisted conversion rate, receive last click conversion ratio, and find out about keywords that have low conversion rates. Keywords with high level of conversion assists can drive traffic that are browsing through your website and can be of great help at the start of the buying cycle.

You can now set up automated rules that can raise bids whenever conversion assists touch the specified threshold limit. You should also consider making a different ad group for keywords that are more suited to research rather than immediate conversions.

You can use the assist clicks feature to ensure that you pay the right price for assist keywords. Underbidding for such keywords will result in missed conversions and paying the right price will help assist conversions to a great extent.

In addition, you need to revise and update under performing ads. You should ensure that you have an impressive call-to-action in your ads to attract prospective clients. Ads that possess a strong average position with impression assisted conversions will need to be revised. In case of low average position, you will need to raise your keyword bids to make sure that your target audience views those ads.

Google will enable the Search Funnels Columns feature in AdWords in the coming days. You should try various options available in this feature for improved optimization and conversions.

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