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On its 15th anniversary Google launched its new search algorithm Hummingbird. According to Google the new search algorithm is faster, accurate, and based on semantic search that delivers an improved user search experience. According to Google it is no longer focused on keywords and instead looks at the whole sentence or conversation before returning results.

Here is what SEOs think about the new search algorithm

Many feel that the new algorithm has expanded Google’s semantic capability. The new search algorithm can deal with complex queries much better than the older one.

Search queries are better indexed with the new algorithm and relational links of search queries has improved tremendously thus improving the knowledge graph.

Some SEOs feel that the new algorithm does not leave content in isolation and instead helps in sharing of the content across social networks, however, this should take some time. Other SEOs warn the days of quick search engine optimization are now over. Search engine optimization will take even longer than before, but will be much better qualitatively.

Semantic search will help drive SEO in the right direction. From now on Google will try to understand the meaning of the search before returning results. This should help people using mobile and voice devices.

Core SEO strategies like quality content, engaging content, ability to share and like content will remain very relevant with the new search algorithm. Keyword data has lost most of its importance which will make understanding customer intent a bit difficult, however, the same can be gleaned by engaging with potential customers on social media sites/platforms.

Analyzing bounce rates of pages will henceforth have to take into account the overall content and information architecture of the webpage.

Overall, sophisticated SEOs acknowledge that with the new algorithm customer understanding intent will become primary and the new algorithm will weed out irrelevant resources from Search Engine Page Rankings.

From now on businesses will have gear up and understand customer intent and adapt to the semantic search ecosystem. They will have to position themselves as solution and answer providers. Giving people what they ask for in their queries will return increase ROI.

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