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Google offers new tools for Display Ads for Improved Planning and Reporting

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Google offers new tools for Display Ads for Improved Planning and Reporting

Google advertisers using Display Ads will be pleased to know that Google now offers new tools for improved planning and reporting. Your ad campaign can benefit greatly if you know your target audience and utilize the data collected about your audience to reach out to them in innovative ways.

Google has introduced new tools known as the Google Display Planner as well as reporting features such as Demographic Performance Reports and Placement Performance Reports to help boost your campaign efficiency.

The Google Display Planner is a free tool to help conduct research and plan strategies by way of creating estimates and targeting ideas to improve your display campaigns. Once you feed in the required data, the Planner advises you on where to insert your ads over the Google Display Network. In addition, this tool also provides important related information such as breakdowns by age and gender, inventory cookie ranges, and historical CPC information.

All this information can help you locate new websites as well as video channels and mobile applications where you can display your ads globally. You can also send out targeted ads by specifying whether you wish to reach out to teens, sportsperson, etc. You merely need to specify the websites visited by such people and products purchased by your target audience and the Display Planner will provide a list of related keywords along with other targeting tricks.

This tool will also provide estimates along with historical data to show just how much you can get out of your Google Display Network campaign. You can easily add the Display Planner to your AdWords account or even download it and share it since it is part of AdWords.Google plans to provide the Display Planner to US users within the Tools & Analysis section by the end of this week, while global users will be able to use it in the coming few weeks.

Another useful feature offered by Google is the Demographics Performance Reports feature. You can extract important data such as gender as well as age buckets, get demographic segments, and respond to messages by displaying impression rates, click rates and conversion rates for every group. You now have the ability to display ads customized for specific audiences and can also change bidding and targeting settings for improved campaigns.

Another feature called the New Placement Performance Reports feature will help you view the performance of your ads over various sites and quickly adjust your bidding and targeting while combining automatic as well as managed placements in a single report. Google will also launch this feature globally in the coming weeks within the Display Network Tab.

Google’s new Display Ads tools and features will help you to make your ad campaign much more efficient by providing information on a real-time basis. Use them when they are available to further improve your ad campaign.

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