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Google had introduced their website testing feature in its Google Analytics tool under their Google Analytics Content Experiments program in June 2012.

This vital experiment allowed users to feed in their goals that they assumed would be reached after optimizing their website. In addition, one could also create different versions of each webpage and also define as to which versions were to be shown to specific visitors. The Google Analytics Content Experiments program then measured the effectiveness of this strategy using a new statistical engine and point out the version that delivered optimum results.

This program had its own Setup Wizard for easy setup and offered several reports within the Google Analytics tool. Since its launch, Google has been collecting vital feedback from users and has made several improvements to the Google Analytics Content Experiments program while offering it to all Analytics users at the same time. You too can now add this vital program in your optimization arsenal.

Google now offers support to relative URLs that can be of great help if you have used Google Experiments to create different page variations over several domains or sub-domains or web pages too. If you wish to continue running Google Experiments on a particular page after completion of an experiment, then you no longer need to modify the experiment or add code to the page. You can just use the newly introduced “Copy Experiment” feature displayed on the Edit Settings screen for the Experiment that you wish to copy and begin trying out additional experiments.

Google has also decided to improve Experiments reporting by including Google Analytics reporting capabilities to Google Experiments. You can easily choose options such as Goal Set, Site Usage as well as set Ecommerce Tabs and various other variations to view detailed and specific graphs that further help fine-tune your optimization strategy.

Google’s decision to allow all its Analytics users use the improved Google Analytics Content Experiments is a welcome step to providing vital optimization services to its users and you should certainly try this program to monitor and further optimize your own SEO campaign.

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