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The Penguin update implemented by Google recently was an attempt to punish only websites that engaged in unethical Black Hat SEO techniques to boost page rankings. These techniques included using links from sites that Google has already flagged as being dubious or untrustworthy.

However, Google has realized that they need to warn publishers that might have inadvertently been linked by what they define as “unnatural” links and thus display a Yellow warning sign to warn publishers that they could get demoted due to such linking. On the other hand, Google has also started displaying advisories without any Yellow warning sign that merely informs publishers about potential linking problems.

Hence, most publishers are confused between advisories and warnings, and do not know whether to act immediately on a potential problem caused due to bad linking or merely ignore Google’s advice and end up getting punished with lower page rankings. Some publishers and webmasters have also begun to view the Penguin update simply as a means of punishment although Google insists it is merely an improved algorithm and nothing else.

Many publishers also question the reason for Google to issue advisories and warnings instead of merely pushing websites with bad links down the rankings ladder. It does seem that Google wants to genuinely help webmasters that might have inadvertently allowed bad links to lead back to their websites and make necessary repairs before being punished by Google’s Penguin.

However, the method applied by Google in issuing warnings as well as suggesting reconsideration requests to be made by publishers that have been flagged has not gone down well with most publishers. It seems as if Google’s good intentions have been marred by poor implementation and has resulted in alienating users.

On your part, if you do receive an advisory or the dreaded Yellow colored warning from Google and also notice a drop in web traffic at the same time, then it could be time to examine links towards your website, remove undesirable ones that seem to irk Google, and submit your reconsideration request for fresh rankings. This move by Google could anyway benefit or punish your website depending on how the Penguin algorithm deciphers links to your website.

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