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HTML5 holds immense potential for innovative products, especially in the field of mobile ads. Creation and implementation of ads on mobile devices will become almost limitless and allow ad creators to let their imagination run free.

HTML5 is one flexible and robust language that can be implemented on most mobile operating systems as well as browsers. With users using various devices and platforms to access websites, advertisers needed a common language that had near limitless features and could be scaled to any level.

With the introduction of HTML5, advertisers and ad creators can let their imagination go wild in developing ads that can impress viewers using a variety of devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles. HTML5 already provides advertisers opportunity to utilize advanced features including GPS, gyroscope, touch, and 3D. Instead of merely presenting static images, ad creators can now offer eye-catching ads that showcase the talent of their designers.

Along with Google, many other major companies are in favor of using HTML5 for various products. Several innovative products including many based on open-source software are testament to the flexibility and functionality of HTML5. Products such as Google Maps already utilize WebGL for their 3D presentation.

HTML5 has superior features that allow ads to be resized and optimized to run on multiple devices with different screen sizes as well as respond to different inputs from their users. Google has already initiated the process of standardizing HTML5 ads along with various industry partners. In addition, the company is reaching out to ad creators to educate them on the potential of HTML5 while creating products to support such ads.

The immense potential of HTML5 has not gone unnoticed by industry stalwarts such as Google. Advertisers now have a wonderful opportunity to display their creativity through ads that can run on various platforms including mobile devices without any problems.

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