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A/B testing is now the industry norm. For those who are still uninitiated A/B testing refers to testing two version of a webpage. This form of testing is easy and relatively inexpensive. Here we will discuss a few tips so that you can conduct your A/Bt test more effectively.

Test the software that you use first

All sorts of software are available for conducting A/B tests. You have to decide on when you need to conduct the test. Significant swing in conversion rate is not the best metric as it does not guarantee increased revenue. Therefore test the testing software before you conduct an A/B test. It could be that your software was not as good.

Avoid friction

When testing landing pages look for elements that increase friction. If your landing page is asking for more details than necessary then you need to prune it. People don’t like to spend lot of time filling forms.

Reduce anxiety

Long forms increase anxiety. Especially if all the information gathered is going to result in something as small as a newsletter. Online surveys are notorious for this type of anxiety. If the information you seek is too long people will skip and bail out.

Stop rambling

Copywriters like to go on and on with the sales pitch. It is better to be clear and tell the reader where he is, what he needs to next, and why he has to do it. Clarity trumps over persuasion.

Get insight

Meet visitors and hear what they have to say about the landing page. If the customer was not impressed ask why and incorporate the change in your landing page. You may also meet the client and seek insight into what they want.

Don’t bank on pricing

Customers are not swayed by mere numbers. They need value. Check your content and see if you are offering value or just low price or discounts. Tinker with the content so that it reflects additional value to the customer.

Get your pricing right

If you are priced lower than your competitors then your customers will think that your price is less because you offer less value. Increase the price slowly and steadily. Low prices alone won’t sell your product.

Social features

Use social share buttons prudently as people don’t want to share certain information with others. For example nobody would want to share skin care product information. So test your site to see if the social share button is bringing in more business, if not, remove it.

AdWords position

Don’t be satisfied with the number two or number three positions on search results. The difference between the number one site and the number two site might be less in terms of traffic, but in terms of revenue the number two site will be light years behind the first. Therefore always try to be at the number one position.

Try small changes if you don’t have time

If you are short of time and can’t spend lots of time doing all the tests then do short tests and make changes. Even small changes can bring in increased revenue.

Conversion, relevance, and call to action

Check if the content on your site has all the three elements. If it is not there then put it in place.

These are just some of the tips that you can use to conduct A/B tests in a more effective manner. Watch this space for more tips as we are still not done!

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