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Keeping your Adwords campaign relevant is crucial, Dynamic Search Ads or DSA is an important tool that helps advertisers in this regard. Using Google’s web crawling technology DSA keeps an updated index of your inventory. This ensures ads are generated based on the recent content on your website.

Google opened up this product for all advertisers about 8 months back, October 2012, and since then it has helped thousands of advertisers. Advertisers have confirmed that clicks and conversion have gone up by almost 10 percent, thus improving the ROI.

DSA is akin to keyword based campaigns in that it too has to be optimized. Here are some tips on how you can optimize your DSA:

Begin with broad targets

Advertisers can target long tail queries with DSA without creating a list of long tail keywords. To leverage this property of DSA make sure you target your website towards large segments of traffic that were not targeted before.

Negative targeting

Your site will have some sections that underperform and some that you don’t want advertised. In the beginning of your DSA campaign use ‘search terms and categories report’ to exclude them. To start with negative targeting use keywords and pages you that you have either deleted or stopped advertising. Also negatively target pages like ‘customer help page’ and FAQ page.

Group your products and pages

Increase ad relevance and ROI by grouping products and pages having similar economic value. You may also have separate groups for high value high margin products and low value and low margin products.

Cost per acquisition

DSA works best when coupled with CPA based bidding as this helps you automate your bidding. This approach makes bid management far simpler. Clearly defined ROI ensures you consistently achieve your CPA goals.

Monitor your DSA

Too many advertisers start off a campaign with great energy and drive but falter or ignore it later on. Whenever there is a change in the content or structure of your website make sure your DSA campaign reflects the change. Check your categories and search terms report so that you can raise bids on high performing pages. Also add poorly performing pages to the negative target list.

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