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Google’s bid to continuously improve AdWords has resulted in a sudden slew of updates in the recent past. In case you have been too busy to notice, here are recent Google AdWords updates worth noting.

Google Maps Advertising
Advertisers will now be able to advertise on Google Maps. Their ads will get displayed under the search box or on on-page locations for those that possess that feature. As Google Maps will now be regarded as a search partner with AdWords campaigns, advertisers will need to not only include search partners in their campaign network settings, but will also have to include location extensions when running search ads.

Keyword Planner
Google has essentially merged its Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator, and added several new features in its new tool called the Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner allows you to extract targeting keywords by providing new keywords that are related to specific keywords or to a keyword list, category, or URL.

Additionally, you can view cost and traffic estimates, which in turn can help you plan your budget before you actually put your campaign in motion. You can also import your data automatically from other research and analysis tools.

Flexible Bidding Strategies
Advertisers that were upgraded to enhanced campaigns also received the flexible bidding strategies tool that allowed them to extract much more from specific keywords. This revised flexibility allowed advertisers to launch specific bid strategies across different sections of their campaigns and even promote specific keywords while not touching other keywords within their existing bidding setup.

Enhanced AdWords Editor
Google recently updated its AdWords Editor with the 10.1 version that allowed advertisers to make bulk changes for enhanced campaigns as well as extract new performance statistics and metrics. Advertisers can now make bid adjustments based on topics, placements, and even audiences.

Advertisers can also indulge in mobile bid adjustments at ad group levels and also utilize the {ifmobile} and {ifnotmobile} ValueTrack Parameters. Campaigns can also be upgraded in bulk by utilizing CSV import as well as the multiple campaigns tool.

If you are an advertiser then these recent AdWords updates will certainly go a long way in extracting much more value from your ad campaign as well as make tracking the performance of your advertisements a lot easier.

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