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If you have paid heed to all our earlier posts and have ended up with excellent keywords that have the potential to woo search engines as well as your target audience then you now need to pay heed to technical optimization of your website.

Here are a few vital tips that will help your website to operate seamlessly while ensuring that visitors return back as paying clients.

Optimize Images

Images are responsible for slowing down loading of your website, especially on slower internet connections. The best method to optimize loading of images other than reducing them to the least possible is to either display them as thumbnails that can be enlarged upon clicking by visitors or by reducing the resolution before including them on your web page. Since images are of no help for SEO strategies, a good idea is to include a short and precise description in the accompanying ALT Tag.

Fix Broken Links at Regular Intervals

Your website might have several links, especially if you are in an affiliate program. However, over time you might accumulate broken links that might indicate to your visitors that you have been ignoring your website and it would be a good idea to test all links at a regular basis and fix broken ones.

Optimize your Header Tags

Inserting the best possible headlines in your Header Tag will impress most search engines as well as your targeted audience too. You need to optimize your header tags, especially your <h1> header tag by using your core keywords within this tag. The chosen keywords should be at the start of the tag and should look natural instead of looking as they have been stuffed in. You should also transform your keywords into bold or italics or underline them as per your requirements to ensure that they catch the attention of all visitors.

Use the Robots.txt Analysis Tool offered by Google

If you feel that some pages are of no importance to your target audience or do not want certain advertisements on your web page to pull down your page rankings then you can include a robots.txt file in your site. Most search engines will not crawl or index such pages and this will help you to retain the content as well as your rankings. You can use the Robots.txt analysis tool available by Google to ensure that you use this tool properly.

Your website needs to be optimized in terms of content as well as be technically optimized to run smoothly as well as catch the eye of most search engine bots.

Our next post will provide tips on creating and submitting sitemaps to search engines.

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