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It’s the fewer things that matter the most! At least that’s what Pareto Principle states, just with some spice of math added to it. Why bring that up? It’s because 80% of the times people forget to look at these 20% things which possesses huge importance. Today it’s time to take a look at these things that may wreck havoc for a website if not addressed on time. Now get on the train and pay attention coz it’s a prime ride into the world of search engine optimization and marketing.

Poor Landing Page

This one gets right into the face because your landing page is the first thing that user is going to see. Don’t make the mistake of confusing it with your website’s homepage. It is the page where user will land from the advertisement for which you are spending money. This is supposed to be the page that caters to the content user is looking for based on the ad which he has clicked. Make sure this landing page has relevant content in relation to your advertisement. Even better to create multiple landing pages, with each page for every ad you have.

Not Mobile Responsive

World is getting mobile and so should you. According to Google’s “mobilegeddon” update, the site that is friendly to mobile browsers on smartphones and tablets will be a key for this mobile-focused algorithm. While making ranking decisions this update takes into consideration how mobile friendly a website is, which means searchers on mobile or tablet will see sites with good mobile experiences ranked higher than those with no mobile or poor mobile sites. And there is no better time that now to make your website mobile responsive because it is either go mobile or go out!

Inferior Quality Content

If you comprehend how much content is the king for search engines then you’ll understand what damage inferior quality content can do to your website ranking. So how you decide if content is inferior? For a sluggish content your will get warning signs like high bounce rate, less than a minute for the average visitor, no comments, and lack of social sharing. Include business cases, articles, links, whitepapers, testimonials to your page knowledgeable and interesting to your users and most of all, keep it entertaining. After all there’s a reason you read this far.

Shady Links

Shady links are one of the greatest performance killers for a website and one of the most ignored one too. Such links are responsible for generating cold leads. Unwanted visitors viewing your site not only hamper your conversion rate but also pull you down on SEO activities since sometimes Google penalize for shady links and may reduce your rankings in search results. What do you do with the garbage in your house? You don’t just let it lie around or shove it in your closet but you take it out regularly, right? The same has to be done with those shady links on your website.

Incompetent Call to Action

You have done all that’s been asked and opportunity is standing at your doorstep but where’s the doorbell? Ah, you forgot to install it, didn’t you? Or are you expecting it to knock? Imagine yourself standing outside a castle full of gold with no apparent way to get in. That’s what your user is feeling right now. Have a proper call to action and you turn that user into your customer. Make it very clear what action you expect user to take after reading the content. At times it’s even better to give multiple options to viewers according to the products or services you are dealing with.

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