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If you want your online marketing campaign to target specific towns and cities in the US then Google offers a wonderful Zip Code Targeting feature in AdWords that allows you to specifically reach out to prospective clients on your chosen zip codes. Your marketing campaign can now target a specific area for an optimized national marketing campaign and also reward you with improved conversions.

Google has offered over 30,000 zip codes through this feature and you can add up to 1,000 locations at a time by using the “Bulk Locations” tab while Google has also recently increased the location target limit from the previously offered 300 to 10,000 during each marketing campaign.

All you need to do to use the AdWords zip code targeting feature is to click on the campaign “Settings” tab and type in the 5-digit zip code to instantly know about its estimated reach. You can then include or exclude that zip code as your target location. In addition, by clicking on the “Nearby” tab, you will be able to view a map of all surrounding areas that can be further filtered by zip codes, metros, or even cities.

You can also view reports on the performance of your marketing campaign based on zip codes and this feature will help you recognize good and bad areas that have been responding to your campaign. You can now make further tweaks to optimize your campaign with the help of such reports. You can also utilize the “Location Insertion” feature to ensure that specific cities or metros are mentioned automatically in your ads targeting those precise locations during bulk ad campaigns.

The Zip Code targeting feature thus allows you to gain improved control over your marketing campaign and can be especially useful to attract target markets based on specific geographical locations. If you have an actual business or store at a particular location and/or wish to target a market only at a particular location, then this feature will ensure optimized results with reduced efforts.

Google has finally responded to this vital marketing need by offering the zip code targeting feature in its AdWords tools. You should certainly use this feature to not only include or exclude specific zip codes, but should also monitor your campaign to further fine-tune your campaign for faster conversions.

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