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Webmasters and SEOs have used various ethical and unethical techniques to boost rankings. In return, Google has stepped up its defense with regular algorithm updates to keep one step ahead of undesired SEO techniques. During 2012, Google’s cute looking Penguin and Panda have shown that they mean business by downgrading and even banning websites that do not adhere to their conditions.

Winds of change have already swept through SEO and content marketing techniques in 2012, and the following year too will require SEOs and webmasters to pay heed to the following points.

Its Quality, Quality, Quality

In 2012, Google’s updates focused a lot more on rewarding websites with high quality content. The following year too should witness the same strategy and in turn will require SEOs to focus a lot more on delivering top quality content. 2013 will certainly witness higher demand for writers that can deliver top quality content.

All SEOs and marketers from competing websites will focus on the same keywords and try to offer lower prices to attract the same target audience. However, they will additionally need to differentiate themselves to attract search engine robots while remaining on the right side of current and future updates. SEOs and marketers will hence need to provide a voice or a personality to their content and turn it into an eye-catching brand to please the Penguins and Pandas of 2013.

Size, Concept, and Content does Matter

While longer articles have proven to please search engines, it is again the context and quality of content rather than mere length that will deliver positive results in the coming year. Articles that prove to add value to the knowledge graph will actually end up as a longer article by virtue of its nature rather than actual words.

Articles will now need to build up brand authority and trust with its intended audience as well as improve conversions while impressing search engines at the same time.

Infographics with completed Tags will deliver better Results

Videos and photos may not have a very high impact in increasing rankings, but when completed with matching Alt Tags, Description Tags, and captions for photos, will certainly deliver improved rankings. Videos should contain a summary or a brief script to impress search engines and viewers alike.

Such content should also be posted on social media websites, wherever and whenever necessary. Social media buttons should be added to this content to promote a healthy link building strategy. Again, good writers will be required to engage in creating eye-catching articles along with other related content.

2012 has been the year when Google decided to fight back by way of cute-sounding updates such as Penguin and Panda that proved to be updates with sharp teeth. 2013 will require SEOs, webmasters, and marketers to create and market content that impress viewers and search engines, while avoiding those slashing teeth.

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