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In an impressive show at the I/O Developers Conference, Google has announced several improvements to its Mobile Search utility for Android users while also launching its new Nexus 7 tablet. Its revitalized Google Mobile Search feature received a lot of attention due to remarkable changes introduced to improve mobile search for Android users.

Even while retaining the earlier mobile SERP in the updated search, Google has added several new features to impress Android phone users. Noticeable among them is the introduction of vocal searches just like Apple’s Siri that instructs users in a female voice. Your voice searches can now be answered with a female voice informing you of possible results. This feature is included in offline dictation as well.

Google has also improved its search UI that provides improved results with the help of its Knowledge Graph. Another innovation in improving mobile search is the introduction of “Google Now”, which smartly utilizes existing data such as your appointments in Google Calendar along with current date and time as well as your geographical location to inform you about the time remaining to reach to your next appointment or meeting, distance, and so forth.

Instead of frustratingly trying to implement its clunky SERP designed for computers on to Android enabled mobile devices, Google has finally decided to redesign its Mobile Search feature to seamlessly work on mobiles. Mobile users can look forward to a better experience while Google too might reap in financial benefits with improved search results.

Google seems to have become quite aggressive in developing new features for mobile users after noticing a sharp rise of mobile usage in recent times for a lot more than merely making calls. The company seems to have entered Apple territory in a bid to woo users towards its devices, applications, and operating systems, all based on the attraction of offering affordable mobility.

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